I am always on the search for the perfect mascara!  What’s even harder to find is a great WATERPROOF mascara!  So many of them do not actually build the lash (which helps to volumize and lengthen).  My very favorite mascara (so far!) is Makeup Forever’s Aqua Smokey Lash!  It does it all…volumize, lengthen, won’t run/flake, and helps hold curl!  *If you use an eyelash curler, remember to curl BEFORE putting on mascara!!  Otherwise, you can rip your lashes out!  Ouch!Tip:  Waterproof mascara is bad for your lashes to use every day…it causes your lashes to become brittle.  For every day use, try the regular version and save the waterproof for when you know you need it!

This product is available at Sephora!


I’m going to start off my first recommendation with one of my VERY favorite products….Smashbox Halo Powder!!  I am completely obsessed with this stuff!  This powder is a little pricey, but believe me…it’s worth every penny!  This powder does it all……reduces fine lines and wrinkles in 10 minutes!, hydrates & revitalizes skin for a more radiant complexion throughout the day, and includes ingredients such as an advanced formulation of pure gold!!  I swear by this stuff!!! (you can also get it at Sephora)