How to make the most of your airbrush tan!


- Do exfoliate your skin thoroughly  before your tan!  This will get all of the dead skin off so that your “new” skin can fully absorb the solution and last longer!  This is probably the most important step!  Any grainy exfoliator/salt scrub will work (my personal favorite is St. Ives scrub, available at Target).

- Do come with a clean face!  The airbrush tan will not absorb your skin with makeup on!

- Do wear dark, loose clothing to your appointment!  You don’t want tight clothing rubbing on your tan.  Also, if it’s dark, you won’t be able to see the instant bronzer rub off (and regardless, it will still come out of your clothes in the wash)!

- Do keep your skin moisturized (after your first shower)!  This will make your tan last longer and help it to fade more evenly.

- Do make sure to get a pedicure BEFORE your airbrush tan, and not after!!  You don’t want the tan on your feet to be scrubbed off unevenly!!



- Don’t wear deodorant to your airbrush tanning session!  I know this sounds gross, but it causes discoloration!  Don’t worry though…you can put it on afterwards!

- Don’t wear any lotions or perfumes….this will cause an uneven tan!

- Don’t wash your hands for at least 8 hours after your tanning session…..this will cause your tan to come off!!

- Don’t wear a bra, or anything tight fitting, after your airbrush tan.  This will cause the tan to rub off in the areas under the tight clothing (especially if you perspire in those areas).

- Don’t wax any sooner than 2-3 days before your airbrush tan!  The tanning solution will not stick properly to “freshly” waxed areas!!

- Don’t shower/workout for at LEAST 8 hours!!  Your tan needs time to soak into your skin!  The best time to tan is at the end of the day, sleep in it, and then shower in the morning!  Don’t worry….it comes right out of your sheets in the wash!

- Don’t use perfumed body washes or lotions!  They will cause your tan to fade faster!  Also, don’t use lotions with mineral oil in them!  Not only is it bad for your skin, it’s what is used in most eye makeup removers….so imagine what it’s doing to your tan!


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